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Sodwana Bay Accommodation
Sodwana Bay Accommodation
Sodwana Bay Accommodation

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Sodwana Bay is part of the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, which stretches from here as a narrow strip along the coast northwards to the border of MozambiqueThe coastal waters are also protected within a 3-mile zone, including the coral reefs that are considered the southernmost of the world.

Because of the exceptional wealth of tropical fish and underwater visibility of 30 meters, Sodwana Bay has become one of the most popular diving centres in South Africa. Every morning, hundreds of divers can be taken to dive sites on the Two-Mile Reef or Quarter Mile Reef – the latter is also a paradise for snorkelers. On the beach of Sodwana Bay there is always hectic activity. Off-road vehicles with trailers plow through the sand to launch boats, flint bottles and equipment, or pull returning boats out of the water.

Sodwana Bay is also an attractive destination for offshore anglers with motor yachts. Every year popular fishing contests take place. Large fish such as marlins or fan fish – these are the fastest fish in the world – achieve record lengths here.

Sodwana Bay Accommodation

Despite all the hustle and bustle – if you are looking for peace and quiet, just a few hundred meters from the main beach, you will find almost endless, man-made beaches bordered by a mighty wooded dune wall.

Sodwana Bay close to the Mozambique border – divers can experience the famous boat dives over the spectacular surf and a diverse underwater world. This holiday tip is now dedicated to the detail of this area. If you travel as a diver to South Africa you are well served: around 70 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts are available in all large diving areas.

About 3000 km / 1865 mile of coast line – and the location of the country between two completely different oceans – offer a great variety for diving. From whale sharks to subbranches, from cozy shore dives to bumpy hulls (RIB), from easy dives to adrenaline dives with sardine fish and Great White Sharks; South Africa offers something of the most varied and best diving available.

South of the equator, between the 22nd and 35th latitude, South Africa has excellent weather conditions and abundant traditions, cultures, landscapes and wildlife. This old country has remained young in its heart and offers something for everyone. Pleasant side effects are the favourable exchange rates, which can mean that a trip to this truly exotic destination can be surprisingly affordable.

Sodwana is located on the northeast coast of South Africa, amid the Isimangaliso Wetland Park. The dive area is classified as one of the top diving spots, but still largely unexplored. In the 50 km large reef complex are around 95 hard and soft coral species, sponges and other invertebrates as well as about 1200 kinds of fishes. Outside the reef on 27th November 2000 during a submarine expedition the prehistoric tassel fins were rediscovered.
Sodwana is open all year round. The best conditions are during the warm summer months from November to May. The reefs are named after their distance from the coast. The exits take place with rubber boats, which start from the sand beach. Then it goes through the waves and waves to the sea. On a few days, the exit can be a real challenge, but in the vast majority of cases the hardships – the “Navy Seal” feeling, which is on the rubber dinghy, is a great experience! You are finally rewarded with the chance to meet the world’s largest fish – the whale shark. Also many dolphins feel well in these waters and can be observed during diving and snorkelling.

Sodwana Bay Accommodation

Diving in South Africa

Varied and exciting as the country itself, so are the diving grounds off the coast of South Africa. With the Agulhas Stream, which strongly influences the climate of South Africa, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean flow south on the east coast. Seahorses, anemones and ball fishes here inhabit the tropical coral reefs, which in their colour and species diversity divers from all over the world

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